Sword and Buckler Class

Please note: this class is not currently being offered.

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Kirk O’Field upper hall


£8 – active / honorary members and newcomers
£10 – visitor members

Finn Bell

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instructors@dawnduellists.co.uk (please mark ‘Sword and Buckler’)


From peasant to knight, priest to brigand, sword and buckler was a mainstay weapon combination throughout medieval times for all; yes, even women. After the late middle ages, it gradually faded out of use, first being relegated to military use as the rapier overtook it in civilian pursuits and then disappearing as sabre and backsword took over on the battlefield.

The Tower i33 manuscript is the oldest known fencing manual and like most treatises of its time, assumes the student already knows ‘the basics’. With much research and much fun, the intrepid sword & buckler study group have reproduced those basics as well as a solid understanding of the improvements the manuscript illustrates. The course will also aim, along the way, to give students an understanding of the art in context of its background.

This class is open to all and takes the form of encapsulated workshops so that students of all levels can learn this system together and come along as little or as much as they please. Obviously progress will only be made with regular attendance 😛

Equipment required

For new students, a pair of gloves and loose clothing suitable for physical exercise with footwear such as trainers, is the minimum you will need. There will be some spare equipment to lend out but please do bring what suitable equipment you may have.


For obvious safety reasons all swords MUST be completely blunt, free from rust and burrs and made from materials suitable for the purpose. Sports fencing weapons and wooden or plastic wasters are not suitable. If in doubt about the suitability of your weapon, please consult an instructor.

  • FIE level 2 (1600N) fencing mask
    A heavy gauge fencing mask is necessary.
  • Sturdy gloves
    A sturdy pair of gloves such as sports fencing gloves used for sabre. Sturdy leather gardening gloves or other robust gloves will also do, so long as the fingers and wrist are fully covered.
  • Standard fencing jacket
    A standard fencing jacket such as those used in sports fencing.
  • Chest protection
    A plastic chest protector which goes under the jacket or a plastron are ideal.
  • Box
    Advisable for gentlemen fencers but lady fencers may also find it beneficial during sparring to wear one.
  • Sword & buckler
    A single-handed arming sword and a round buckler 9 – 12″ in diameter (flat or bossed) are most suitable.
  • Additional protection
    For free-fencing or sparring, it is best to have arm and leg protection – sports protectors or riot gear for limbs and joints are ideal. Neck protection such as a gorget may also be desirable.