Useful Links

These are links to historical European martial arts (HEMA) related forums and websites the DDS know to be of interest. Visit our fencing groups resource to find links to practising HEMA groups’ websites.

British Federation of Historical Swordplay Forum
General discussion forum with a good events section.

Living History Forum
A UK-based historical and re-enactment forum with lots of useful historical resources and good events listings which include HEMA events as well as re-enactment and historical events.

Schola Gladitoria Forum
The biggest European and most active UK HEMA discussion forum packed with helpful members, good events listings and a very useful section for online treatise resources.

Sword Forum International
The biggest historical martial arts and weaponry forum and online magazine with discussions, events, articles and treatise/book reviews from all over the world. This forum also has a classified section.

Royal Armouries – National Museum of Arms and Armour
The Royal Armouries is home to the United Kingdom’s national collection of arms and armour, including artillery. The Leeds Armoury is home to the BFHS international event, SWASH, each year.

Kelvingrove Museum
The Kelvingrove in Glasgow, Scotland, has a modest but respectable arms and armour section which the Royal Armoury in Leeds helped to set up. Residents of tne UK can visit the Museum’s reserve collection by arrangement and this is something the DDS does occasionally.

Historical European Martial Arts Coalition –
HEMAC is a non-hierarchical, round-table organisation, consisting of individual researchers and martial artists from many groups across Europe. It was created to encourage close working relationships between the various members and create a sense of HEMA community in Europe.

This list is correct to the best of our knowledge but if you know of a link you would like to see here or that any of the information is out of date, please contact us.