Socialising is an important part of being in any society or club and the Dawn Duellists are no exception when it comes to having our favourite places to eat, drink and be merry together.

The Auld Hoose LogoThe Auld Hoose –
A jolly good Edinburgh pub that doesn’t mind odd people with sword-shaped bags turning up en masse. The food is good, there’s a great range of beers and ciders and the jukebox rocks. This is very near Kirk O’Field, where we train during the week and is convenient for a pre-session meal or a post session drink.

The pub is very generous to DDS members, who get 15% off food orders! However, please note that only fully paid up members are able to take advantage of this great deal and it does apply to food only.

The Cumberland Bar LogoThe Cumberland Bar –

In the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, there lies another pub that has no problem hosting gatherings of sword enthusiasts. The food is decent and there is a fair range of beer and cider to be explored. The pub is near St Stephen’s Church and The Edinburgh Academy Gymn, where we hold our major events during the year and is convenient for visitors and natives alike to find and gather in for event socialising.

When the weather’s not being too Scottish, there is a very nice beer garden to hang out in.

The Kismot LogoThe Kismot –

Right next door to The Auld Hoose and home to the chocolate nan bread dessert, this is one of our favourites for satisfying our cravings for Indian food. This accommodating family-run restaurant has great food and a lovely atmosphere.

The restaurant operates on a bring-your-own-booze basis but it’s convenient proximity to the pub makes this no problem if you forget. If you’re feeling brave, you can try the Kismot Killer!