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Who are the Dawn Duellists?

The Dawn Duellists Society (DDS) is an historical fencing group based in the heart of Edinburgh and dedicated to the study and practice of historical European swordsmanship as a martial art. We in the DDS base our knowledge on the study of genuine treatises by the old masters of the past and we put our knowledge into practice with regular study groups and training classes.

Holiday time

Dawn Duellists are now on summer break - the festival steals our hall so it's holiday time. we will be back on Monday, 1st September for study groups, with the rest of the classes commencing that week.

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Fencing is fun!

The DDS is proud of its relaxed and friendly club atmosphere and among our instructors we number some of the country's finest swordsmen.

We run workshops and courses on various styles of historical fencing and European martial arts (HEMA) in Edinburgh throughout the year. All of our classes are open to beginners and experienced fencers alike, so if you are interested in learning to fence with us, please contact us or even better, come along! We are always keen to see new faces (although we do require you to be over 18).

Historical fencing uses heavier weapons than modern sports fencing so our classes are run with safety in mind because it's part of our fencing philosophy to have fun and enjoy ourselves while we learn and when we compete.

The Dawn Duellists do even duel at dawn occasionally, which is as good an excuse for a picnic as any!

What's on - first lesson is free! All of our classes are run on a drop-in basis and are open to all levels.

Renaissance Fencing image

Renaissance Fencing Class

Wednesdays, Kirk O'Field lower hall, Edinburgh
Lessons in personal combat with the rapier and related weapons. Learn authentic historical sword-fighting from the age of Shakespeare,taught by experienced instructor, Greig Watson.

Open to all, come along any Wednesday to get started.

Full details of the Renaissance Fencing class >>
military sabre image

Military Sabre Class

Wednesdays, Kirk O'Field lower hall, Edinburgh
Students of all levels are welcome to join this class which makes a departure from the style taught in previous years.
Led by Gregory Rickeard, our most excellent sabreur, the class will be taught mainly using Waite's sabre system with elements of Hutton's sabre system making an appearance during the course.

Full details of the sabre class >>
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