Dawn Duellists Fee Structure 2017

These are full details of the DDS pricing structure for this year.

Membership (mandatory)

In order to comply with our insurance, membership is mandatory and comes in four types:

Trial Membership

Newcomers, people who have never attended before, get a five session trial period consisting of the following:

1 free session + 4 sessions at the basic session rate of £8.

At the end of the trial a newcomer must become an active or visitor member.

Active Membership

Active members are those who have paid the yearly membership fee. They pay the basic session rate and are able to get further discounts on classes, workshops and events.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is awarded by The Society at a General Meeting and entitles the member to pay the same fees as active members.

Visitor Membership

Visitor members are those who opt not to become active members after their trial period expires. They must pay higher session fees and do not qualify for discounts.

Membership fees

Active membership £30 full year Due 31st January for membership renewal, ASAP for joining in 1st & 2nd term
Active membership £15 part year Due ASAP for renewal in or joining in 3rd term
Visitor membership £2 per session Due each session as part of training fee

Paid members have the following advantages:

    • Lower session fees.
    • Subsidised workshop fees where applicable.
    • Access to prepaid rates and premium membership.
    • More flexible payment allowances.
    • 10% discount with Leon Paul when ordering through the DDS.
    • First dibs on any events we arrange.

Training fees

Training fees can be paid on a pay as you go basis, or for active and honorary members there are various payment schemes.

Drop-in fees (pay as you go)

Active, honorary and trial members £8 per session
Visitor members £10 per session (inc membership surcharge)

These payments are due each session.

Basic prepaid flat fees (non-refundable and available to active and honorary members only)

Class prepayment £20 per month Covers attendance of one class only
School prepayment £45 per Month Covers attendance of all classes

These payments must be made in full in cash or, preferably, by bank transfer at the beginning of the month they are to cover.

Premium prepaid flat fee (non-refundable and available to active and honorary members only)

Full school prepayment £300 per annum Covers unlimited class attendance all year and 20% off DDS run workshops and events (in addition to any subsidisation applied).

Premium prepayment terms & conditions

This payment must be made in full by bank transfer or standing order in the following ways:

  • £300 lump sum at the start of the year.
  • £100 / term at the start of each term.
  • £25 / month over 12 months.
  • £12 / fortnight over 50 weeks.

Dates / days of the week for payment are flexible. Cash payment may be considered in some circumstances.

Defaulting on payments, unless due to reasonable unforeseen circumstances* and with the Treasurer’s approval, would result in debarment from having premium membership in the future.

*Unforeseen circumstances considered reasonable are such things as a sudden change in financial status or having to change location permanently for employment or personal reasons.

Training fees summary

Fee type Cost per term
(15 weeks)
Cost per year
(45 weeks)
Suitable for
Visitor member drop-in
(£7 / session)
£105 / class £315 / class Those attending only one class regularly
Active / honorary member drop-in
(£5 / session)
£75 / class £225 / class Those attending only one class regularly
Basic class prepayment
(£20 / month)
£70 / class £210 / class Those attending only one class regularly
Those attending two classes temporarily
Basic school prepayment
(£45 / month)
all classes covered
all classes covered
Those attending multiple classes temporarily or regularly on a short to medium term basis
Premium school prepayment
(£300 / year)
all classes covered
all classes covered
Those attending multiple classes and workshops regularly on a long term basis

Just like any other service, the more you use it the better the flat fees will suit you.

Workshops & events

Subsidisation of DDS-run events will be used where possible to ensure that DDS members pay no more than the fees detailed below for general workshops and training events. Museum visits will be free and special events will be individually priced. Deposits are always half the applicable rate.

Workshop fees summary

Membership type Full day Half day
Visitor members £15 £7.50
Basic rate members (all types) £10.00 £5.00
Premium rate members (20% discount) £8.00 £4.00