The Dawn Duellists’ classes are always open to new students, anyone who is keen to learn the fine arts of our noble weapons is most welcome to come along – our only requirement is that you are over 18. The aim of the DDS is to encourage the study and practice of historical fencing and European martial arts and our classes are open to all; designed to cater for experienced fencers while providing newcomers with a solid introduction to the art of fencing so that all may progress at their own pace.

With a foundation in the DDS core weapons; longsword, rapier, sabre and sword & buckler; members can go on to form study groups in new weapons if they so wish as well as continuing in classes.

Classes 2016

classStudyGroupsFeatureImgStudy Groups Mondays, 7.30 - 9.30 pm Greyfriars Charteris Lower Hall
Monday evenings are given over to the various DDS study groups. Here members get the opportunity to study their own field of interest and the course-work is made! These groups are usually only open to experienced fencers but you can ask your instructor if there is a study group for your class if you are interested in extra practice.
classMedievalGermanLongswordFeatureImg Medieval German Longsword Class Tuesdays, 7.30 - 10.00 pm, Greyfriars Charteris Upper Hall
Train and fight using the medieval German Longsword system! Led by Martin Page, this class is mainly derived from Lichtenauer's Goliath text and has a dedicated study group.
classMilitarySabreFeatureImg Sabre Class Tuesdays, 7.30 - 10.00 pm, Greyfriars Charteris Upper Hall
Train and fight using the Radaelli system of sabre! This class is led by by Gregory Rickeard and has a dedicated study group.
Newcomers get one free session and a trial period of four weeks at the paid membership level of £8, after which they can decide whether to become active members or visitor members.

Training fees

Active members and trial members*£8 per session
Visitor members£10 per session
*Newcomers who have not exceeded the 5 session try-it-out period.

Membership fees

Active membership£30 per annum
Visitor membership£2 per session*
*Included in training fee shown above.

Active members have, among other advantages, access to further reductions in fees for classes, workshops and events. Please see here for full details.

All fees go to cover the hire of the hall, equipment and insurance. We are a non-profit organisation and instructors teach for their love of the art not financial payment.