Dawn Duellists Committee

The current committee consists of the instructors, three elected office bearers and two elected representatives. The committee’s main purpose is to ensure the club constitution is upheld and that members are enabled as much as possible to continue fencing and study new weapons.

The three office bearers collectively look after the day-to-day running of the club, with the traditional structure of chair, communications and finance. The office runs in a spirit of co-operation and delegates allowable tasks to volunteer assistants where necessary to ensure that all tasks are completed regardless of whose official responsibility they are. Their duties are outlined in brief in their profiles below but decisions are agreed jointly with no one office bearer being autonomous.

Jack Preaching the HEMA Gospel

The President is the official representative of the Society and presides over the society. Duties include:

  • Acting as the first point of contact for all external organisations
  • Ensuring the Society’s activities are constitutional and lawful
  • Keeping internal discipline in order
  • Setting the agenda for and chairing all Society meetings
  • Welcoming any new members and congratulating any advancements
  • Taking the opening and closing salute at all major Society events

About Jack
Jack joined DDS in 2014, and works primarily with 15th century longsword and messer material.

Jack currently teaches German Longsword, and leads the messer study group on Mondays.

Jack was previously secretary, and is the current President of DDS.


The Secretary has responsibility for the Society’s communications as well as official record keeping. Duties include:

  • Ensuring internal and external communications run smoothly and are dealt with
    This includes newsletters, publicity, society notifications, general enquiries, etc.
  • Organising meetings and events
  • Taking and publishing minutes of all meetings
  • Recording and reporting on the internal status of members
  • Recording and publishing details of official duels fought
  • Ensuring all other necessary (non-financial) paperwork is in order

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The Treasurer is responsible for managing the Society’s monetary affairs and may have volunteer assistants to help with collection where necessary. Duties include:

  • Budgeting and setting agreeable fees for membership, classes and workshops
  • Book-keeping and reporting on The Society’s financial status
  • Ensuring all membership and training fees are collected and banked
  • Recording and reporting on the Society’s membership and attendance levels
  • Ensuring The Society’s expenses are met and paid
  • Managing equipment orders made through the DDS

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